Are you having trouble with your ship in Star Citizen? Whether you’re a new player or an experienced pilot, it’s important to know how to repair your ship when things go wrong. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about repairing your ship in Star Citizen, including how to diagnose and fix common issues.

  • Star Citizen is an incredibly immersive and realistic space simulation game, and that means your ship can be damaged in a variety of ways.
  • Whether you’re dealing with enemy fire, a collision, or a malfunctioning component, it’s important to know how to diagnose and repair the issue quickly so you can get back to exploring the universe.

Understanding Your Ship’s Components

Before we dive into the repair process, it’s important to have a basic understanding of your ship’s components. Each ship has a variety of systems that work together to keep it flying, including the power plant, shield generator, weapons, thrusters, quantum drive, coolers, and life support.

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Power Plant

The power plant is responsible for generating the energy needed to power your ship’s systems. Without a functioning power plant, your ship will be dead in the water.

Shield Generator

The shield generator creates a protective energy field around your ship that absorbs incoming damage. If your shields go down, your ship will be vulnerable to attack.


Your ship’s weapons are its primary means of defense and offense. If your weapons malfunction, you’ll be unable to defend yourself or attack enemy ships.


The thrusters are what allow your ship to move and change direction in space. If your thrusters are damaged, you’ll be unable to maneuver effectively.

Quantum Drive

The quantum drive is what allows your ship to travel quickly between star systems. If your quantum drive is damaged, you’ll be stuck in your current system until it’s repaired.


The coolers regulate the temperature of your ship’s systems to prevent overheating. If your coolers fail, your ship’s systems will begin to overheat and malfunction.

Life Support

Life support is responsible for keeping your ship’s crew alive in the harsh environment of space. If your life support fails, you’ll be unable to survive for long.

Diagnosing Issues with Your Ship

When something goes wrong with your ship, you’ll typically receive warning messages, visual indicators, or audio cues to let you know that there’s a problem. It’s important to pay attention to these cues and diagnose the issue quickly so you can begin repairs.

Warning Messages

Your ship’s computer will display warning messages when something is wrong. These messages may be related to specific components or systems, or they may be more general warnings.

Visual Indicators

Your ship’s systems may have visual indicators that show their status. For example, your shield generator may have a visual indicator that shows the strength of your shields.

Audio Cues

In addition to warning messages, visual indicators, and audio cues, you may also notice physical damage to your ship, such as scorch marks or dents. These can be clues to help you diagnose the issue.

Repairing Your Ship

Once you’ve diagnosed the issue, it’s time to begin repairs. There are several ways to repair your ship in Star Citizen, including repairing on foot, repairing with a multi-tool, repairing with ship components, and repairing at repair depots.

Repairing on Foot

If your Star Citizen ship is grounded and you’re unable to take off, you may need to make repairs on foot. To do this, exit your ship and use your personal tool to make repairs to individual components. This can be time-consuming and dangerous, as you’ll be exposed to the vacuum of space.

Repairing with a Multi-Tool

Your personal multi-tool can be used to make repairs to your ship’s components from inside the cockpit. Simply select the component you wish to repair and use your multi-tool to fix it. This is a faster and safer option than repairing on foot, but may still be difficult in combat situations.

Repairing with Ship Components

If you have spare ship components on board, you can use these to make repairs. Simply remove the damaged component and replace it with the spare. This is a quick and easy way to make repairs but requires you to have spare components on hand.

Repairing at Repair Depots

If your ship is too damaged to make repairs on your own, you may need to visit a repair depot. These are stations located throughout the universe that offer repair services for a fee. Simply land your ship at the depot and pay for the repairs you need.

Tips for Preventing Ship Damage

While repairs are essential when things go wrong, it’s always better to prevent damage in the first place. Here are some tips to help you keep your ship in top condition:

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Avoiding Combat

Combat is one of the biggest risks to your ship’s health. Avoid engaging in combat whenever possible, and be prepared to flee if necessary.

Managing Heat and Energy

Overheating can cause serious damage to your ship’s components. Be sure to manage your ship’s heat and energy levels carefully to prevent overheating.

Upgrading Your Components

Upgrading your ship’s components can make it more durable and resistant to damage. Consider investing in better shields, coolers, and other components to give your ship an edge.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help you catch potential issues before they become serious problems. Be sure to perform regular maintenance on your ship’s systems to keep them running smoothly.


Repairing your ship in Star Citizen can be a daunting task, but with the right knowledge and tools, you can get back to exploring the universe in no time. Remember to diagnose issues quickly, and use the appropriate repair method for the situation. And most importantly, take steps to prevent damage from occurring in the first place.


  1. Can I repair my ship while in combat?

It’s possible to make repairs while in combat, but it’s risky and difficult. It’s generally better to flee and make repairs later.

  1. Can I repair my ship with damaged components?

If a component is too damaged, it may need to be replaced rather than repaired. Always check the status of your components before attempting repairs.

  1. How much do repairs at a repair depot cost?

The cost of repairs at a repair depot varies depending on the severity of the damage. Be prepared to pay a significant fee for major repairs.

  1. Can I repair my ship in space?

Yes, you can make repairs in space using your multi-tool or spare components. However, this can be dangerous and time-consuming.


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