How to Get Wish Coins in Prodigy

How to Get Wish Coins in Prodigy: a comprehensive guide

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Prodigy is an educational math game designed for students in grades 1-8. One of the features of the game is the ability to earn Wish Coins in Prodigy, which can be used to purchase various items and upgrades in the game.

In this article, we’ll explore the different ways to get wish coins in Prodigy, including completing quests, participating in events, defeating bosses, trading items, and purchasing with real money.

Completing Quests

Quests are a core feature of Prodigy, and completing them is one of the best ways to earn Wish Coins in Prodigy.

 To get started, simply click on the Quests button on the main menu, and you’ll be presented with a list of available quests. 

Each quest has a different objective, such as solving a certain number of math problems, defeating a specific enemy, or collecting certain items.

Tips for Completing Quests:

Prioritize quests that offer Wish Coins in Prodigy as a reward.

Complete quests as efficiently as possible by focusing on objectives that can be completed quickly.

Take advantage of the fact that some quests can be completed in the same location or by defeating the same enemies.

Keep an eye out for daily quests, which can offer large amounts of Wish Coins in Prodigy for completing simple objectives.

Participating in Events

Events are special limited-time activities in Prodigy that offer unique challenges and rewards. 

Some events are seasonal, such as the Halloween event, while others are tied to specific holidays or promotions. Participating in events is a great way to earn wish coins and other valuable items.

Tips for Participating in Events:

Check the events page regularly to stay up to date on the latest activities.

Focus on completing event objectives that offer Wish Coins in Prodigy as a reward.

Take advantage of any bonuses or power-ups offered during events.

Collaborate with other players to complete event objectives more efficiently.

Defeating Bosses

Bosses are powerful enemies that can be found throughout Prodigy. 

Defeating them can be a challenging but rewarding experience, as they offer large amounts of experience points and wish coins as a reward. 

To find bosses, explore different areas of the game and be on the lookout for areas marked with a skull icon.

Tips for Defeating Bosses:

Prepare carefully by leveling up your character and equipping powerful items.

Study the boss’s weaknesses and plan your strategy accordingly.

Use teamwork and collaboration to defeat bosses more efficiently.

Don’t be afraid to try again if you’re unsuccessful on your first attempt.

Trading Items

Trading items with other players is another way to earn wish coins in Prodigy. 

To trade items, you’ll need to find another player who has the item you want and negotiate a fair trade.

Items that are in high demand, such as rare pets or powerful weapons, can often be traded for large amounts of wish coins.

Tips for Trading Items:

Focus on finding items that are in high demand and have a high trading value.

Be polite and respectful when negotiating trades with other players.

Use the Prodigy forums or social media to find potential trading partners.

Keep an eye out for scammers and always be cautious when making trades.

Purchasing with Real Money

Finally, if you’re willing to spend real money, you can purchase wish coins directly from the Prodigy store.

 While this is the easiest way to get wish coins, it can also be the most expensive, so it’s important to be careful and considerate when making purchases.

Tips for Purchasing with Real Money:

Compare prices and look for special deals or promotions before making a purchase.

Consider purchasing larger amounts of wish coins to get a better value.

Don’t overspend or buy more wish coins than you need.

Remember that spending real money on the game is optional and not necessary to enjoy Prodigy.


In conclusion, there are many ways to get wish coins in Prodigy, ranging from completing quests and participating in events to defeating bosses and trading items with other players.

 While purchasing with real money is also an option, it’s important to remember that it’s not necessary to enjoy the game, and that there are plenty of ways to earn wish coins without spending any money at all. 

By using the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can maximize your wish coin earnings and get the most out of your Prodigy experience.


Can I earn wish coins without spending real money?

Yes! There are many ways to earn wish coins in Prodigy without spending any real money. Completing quests, participating in events, defeating bosses, and trading items with other players are all great ways to earn wish coins for free.

How do I know which quests and events offer wish coins as a reward?

When you select a quest or event in Prodigy, the rewards will be displayed on the screen. Look for quests and events that offer wish coins as a reward, and prioritize these objectives to maximize your earnings.

Are there any risks involved in trading items with other players?

Yes, there is always a risk involved when trading items with other players, as there is no guarantee that the other player will hold up their end of the deal. To minimize your risk, only trade with players you trust, and never give away valuable items without receiving something of equal value in return. Additionally, be cautious of scammers and always report any suspicious activity to Prodigy support.

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