You follow a lot of your friends on Instagram and can easily view their photos and videos, but when you want to view their Instagram profile and save their photos or videos to your phone’s gallery, you are unable to do so because Instagram forbids direct downloads of Instagram profile images to phone galleries.

As a result, we have launched Insta DP Viewer, which enables you to download Instagram photos directly to your phone’s gallery, in order to provide you with free and quick services. Because we all adore memories and want to save them for the times we miss our close friends, family members, and cousins.

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How to Download Instagram Photos?

Our tool is incredibly straightforward and simple to use. Select the Instagram photo you want to download after opening the app.

  • Verify the corner of the post’s top right side where you wish to download it. You can see the three dots there. Just click it.
  • With numerous selections, a new pop-up appears. Locate the copy link choice. Click on it to copy the link for downloading your photo.
  • Leave Instagram and return. now launch any browser, such as (Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc). Enter in the browser. Now that the webpage has opened, paste the previously copied link.
  • Utilizing the URL that you have pasted, the Instagram Photo Downloader application instantly syncs the photos and displays them in front of you.
  • That is the last choice. CLICK the download button to start the download procedure. Cool! You saved an Instagram picture.

Insta DP Viewer

Why did we choose the name Insta DP Viewer?

  • The viewer is aware of visiting the Desktop Profile (Profile Photo) of your friends and family because Insta stands for Instagram and DP for Desktop Profile.
  • The name of our tool was chosen by you, the users, as the majority of our users look for Instagram profile downloads when searching for insta DP viewer.
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Insta DP Download

You believe that downloading Insta DP is challenging. Ohh! Let’s not forget that it is an outdated discussion since our tool was not yet available when Instagram profile photos were impossible to get. 

Your problems with downloading any Instagram DP Downloader are all being resolved by our tool. It is really easy to download Instagram DP; all you need to do is copy the profile URL, paste it into the Instadp entry box, and press the search button.

After you paste the profile URL, we provide you with two choices. The first option is the View button, which enables you to view the profile photo in HD without downloading it, and the second is the Download button. We provide you with both choices; pick the one that works best for you.

Instagram Photo Download

The best method to express our emotions, remember our favorite events, and share them with others is through photographs. We are always eager to capture the best moments with our cameras, and we also enjoy viewing the recollections of others who share their experiences through photographs.

Instagram is one of the most well-known social networking sites for sharing images. On Instagram, you may view the photos that other users have published. These individuals may be your followers, influencers, relatives, cousins, etc., but they always share incredibly interesting content.

There is no direct download option on Instagram, despite the fact that many users post intriguing photographs that you might need for your phone gallery. Therefore, we made the decision to add a new functionality to which offers free services for Instagram photo downloading.

With the Instadp online tool, we always endeavor to resolve your Instagram downloading-related issues. This Instagram photo downloader offers you the ability to download photos in their original High Quality and very simple format.

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Instagram Photo Downloader Details

We now have a new tool that lets you download Instagram photos online. A web-based tool called Instagram Photo Downloader is very safe, secure, and simple to use. Because we utilize the Instagram API, you are free to use this Instagram image-downloading application without having to register or log in.

You may download many Instagram photos or images with an Instagram image downloader. You want to download all Instagram images with a single click because it appears that a lot of users and creators on Instagram upload several photos to their profiles.

 With the photo downloader tool, downloading Instagram photos is as simple as copying their URL and pasting it into the downloading box on the Instagram Photo Downloader website. Read About More Apps

How to Download Instagram Video?

Before doing so, read these instructions first. The Instagram downloader application offers very straightforward Instagram video downloading in only 2 steps.

  • The video link that you want to download should be copied.
  • Visit (in your web browser).
  • In the Instagram video downloader input box, paste the video link.
  • Your video will now automatically synchronize.
  • To start downloading your video, click the Download button.

That’s it. It will download your video. How easy it is!


  1. Is it legal to download Instagram profile pictures? Downloading Instagram profile pictures is not illegal, as the pictures are publicly available. However, it is important to respect the owner’s privacy and use the pictures only for personal use.
  2. Can I download anyone’s Instagram profile picture? Yes, you can download anyone’s Instagram profile picture as long as it is public. If the account is private, you will not be able to download their profile picture unless you are an approved follower.
  3. How can I download an Instagram profile picture on my phone? There are several methods to download Instagram profile pictures on your phone, such as using third-party apps, taking a screenshot, or downloading it from the web browser. You can also use Instagram profile picture downloader websites.

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